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I am excited to embark on this voyage of blogging.  I will lay low for a while as I get this operation up and running.  The theme that will thread it’s way throughout this blog is my dedication to a biblical worldview.  I am not the first one to converse about this topic, nor am I the best, but I am one of a choir of educators, clergy, parents, and others who find it important to connect what the Bible instructs and what we believe with how we think about everyday matters.

The topics about which I will write articles and provide links will address matters about which American Christians are concerned.  The goal is for these topics to have practical relevance to one’s daily life.  I will spend a lot of time connecting biblical concepts to life today.  This is not something new.  It is basically what the Apostle Paul did in his letters to the first generation of Christians so long ago.  While Paul spent time explaining the tenets of the Gospel message, he also dedicated considerable space to teaching about a true Gospel “worldview.”  This made sense as the first Christians had unending questions about how to connect their faith in Jesus Christ, as Savior and Messiah, to everyday thoughts and behavior.  It’s almost funny to me how Christians whine to no end about how “secular” the world is today and how hard it is to be a Christian in a society that is becoming increasingly hostile toward them.  Really?  The Apostle Paul and the original Christians had a much tougher environment in which to live and they impacted the world forever.

Over time, expect articles and topics of conversation to include education, religion, politics, parenting, money and a variety of other areas about which Christians must think biblically in order for they and their families to live life to the fullest.

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