Christians and Politics: Are We in or Out?

In case you weren’t paying attention there is a fairly important election happening in November.  This begs the question, “should Christians involve themselves with politics?”  Should they share their opinions and thoughts about the Constitution, the economy, national security, and the proper role of government in a free society?

There is quite a diversity of opinion amongst Christians regarding this question.  On one hand, some Christians treat voting for the president of the United States as though they are selecting the next pastor of their local congregation.  For this group, Romney’s Mormonism or Obama’s attendance at a Muslim school in Indonesia as a boy become rationales for dismissing their candidacies without considering other matters.  On the other hand, some Christians declare, “Jesus never involved himself in politics, so neither should we!”  Instead, they assert that Christians should ONLY help the poor and preach the Gospel to those who haven’t heard the good news.  And for them, politics is for those hungry for wealth and power, and not true followers of Christ, who should focus solely upon benevolence towards the less fortunate.  Who is right?

Politics is about ideas and ideas shape society.  American laws that cover educational, economic, environmental, military, and social policies are based upon ideas.  Upon whose ideas should America be governed?  I agree with Dr. Jeff Myers, the president of Summit Ministries, that Christians must be influential participants in the American political process.  Dr. Myers persuasively makes the case that the ideas which will shape the future of America rests on whether evangelical Christians get involved in politics.  He has developed a thought-provoking new video teaching series entitled, “The Political Animal.”  I highly recommend this study for individuals, families, small groups; anyone wrestling with the question regarding the appropriate level of participation in American politics at the local, state or federal levels.

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