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Erik earned his Ph.D. in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. He currently serves as the Head of School at Renton Christian School (Renton, WA) and as an adjunct professor in the College of Ministry at Northwest University (Kirkland, WA). Erik has been married to Tammie since 1996 and they have two elementary-aged children, Emma and Andrew.

He believes strongly in the mission of private Christian schools and the value they bring to students, families and society as a whole. He loves to write and speak about biblical worldview and how the secular culture of America espouses an ideology, particularly in the government-operated public school systems and universities, that are in direct conflict with the Godly truths laid out in Scripture. For example, Scripture teaches about the Creator, the existence of good and evil, the value of human life, personal accountability for one’s behavior, a strong work ethic, sexual purity, contentment with what one has, the right education, and too many others to name here.

Erik has entitled his blog, “In Step” as a reference to one of his “go to” verses in the Bible.  Galatians 5:25 states “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”  The Greek word used here for “keep in step” or “walk” is a military term that depicts soldiers marching in unison with one another toward a common goal.  The Apostle Paul deliberately selected this term to illustrate how Christians are to live in lock-step with the Holy Spirit, living in unity with one another and not according to one’s own selfish instincts and desires.


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